What Exactly is a Water Sommelier?

A water sommelier is a professional specializing in studying and tasting water. Similar to a wine sommelier, a water sommelier is trained to evaluate the qualities of different types of water, such as their taste, texture, aroma, terroir, virginity, and appearance. They also have knowledge about the origins and compositions of different types of water, including the mineral content and pH level.

Water sommeliers may work in fine dining restaurants, hotels, or other hospitality settings, where they can recommend water pairings to complement specific dishes or to suit individual tastes. They may also work in the bottled water industry, advising companies on the selection and production of high-quality bottled water products.

Water sommeliers have become increasingly popular in recent years as people have become more interested in the nuances and variations of water. In order to become a certified water sommelier they must attend specialized training programs to learn about water chemistry, tasting techniques, and pairing recommendations. Some programs may also cover topics such as water conservation and sustainability.

Water sommeliers may also work with water filtration or purification companies to improve the taste and quality of tap water. They may recommend specific types of water filters or treatments to enhance the taste and purity of tap water for home or commercial use. 

The role of a water sommelier is to help people appreciate the unique qualities of different types of water and to educate them on the importance of water as a natural resource. They may also advocate for sustainable water practices, such as reducing plastic waste and conserving water resources.

Overall, a water sommelier is a highly specialized professional who can help people gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for water and its role in our daily lives.